Product: Camel Inflatable Lifting Chair
Manufacturer: Mangar International
Price: $2,999.00

User Weight – up to 700 lbs
Min Height – flat
Max. Height – 22”
Seat depth – 18 ½”
Total length – 44”
Width – 27 ½”
Backrest length – 32”
Total Product Weight – 14 lbs
Storage Dimentions – 8” x 30”

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Warranty: Full warranty against defective materials, parts and workmanship.

When and How to Use the Camel Inflatable Chair

Many people don’t know how to get up from a fall. The Camel fall recovery chair is designed to easily and safely lift a person who has fallen. The lift can be used inside or outside. It can be used by the individual who has fallen or with the assistance of a caregiver. Simply unroll, connect the 4 tubes to the chair sections and the one tube to the air compressor and position for the lift.
In most cases the person who has fallen is able to roll or shuffle into position on top of the flat, deflated chair. In some instances a slide sheet is necessary. Using a simple hand control the backrest can be partially inflated and then the seat pillows can be inflated one by one to the right height. The backrest can be adjusted throughout to make the user comfortable. The entire inflation process takes about three minutes depending on the weight of the user. Airflow stops automatically once each section is inflated. Once fully inflated the user is in a sitting position and can stand or transfer to a chair. And that really is it! The easiest and safest way for the elderly to get up from a fall is with a Camel Lifting Chair.

Easy to clean up and put away

Cleaning, if needed, is a quick wipe with an ordinary cleaner or alcohol wipe – allow to air dry and then deflate. To deflate simply take the hoses off and the air will come out. This takes about one minute. Disconnect the hoses and store them and the control in the hollow of the seat. Roll the device and place it in the carrying case. Store in a central location for easy access when needed again.

Benefits of Using the Camel Lifting Chair

If you or someone you love lives alone this chair is a safe solution to allow them to recover from a fall in a dignified way. Spouses find it comforting to know that if they need to help their significant other up from a fall they will be able to do so without having to call family or EMS and without having to risk their own health. No one wants to have to depend on others and this device allows independence. Caregivers love the Camel because it reduces the risk of injury for them. The Camel is lightweight, easy to use, portable, appropriate for any age and particularly appropriate for bariatric people.

In Summary

There are other products out there that aid in fall recovery. Some of the more popular options are medical alert systems, mechanical lifts, or grab rails. In my opinion the other options may work or they may work in certain instances. What they lack are portability, availability and ease of use. They can be especially difficult to use and sometimes scary for people with cognitive impairments. The Camel lift system is pricey but I believe for the safety and dignity of an individual striving to remain as independent as possible it is the very best option available. To recap the Camel may be pricey but it proves itself to be worth every penny the first time it is used!