The Best Outdoor Solar Motion Detector Light

It’s not really about being afraid of the dark, although if you are afraid of the dark these lights will help with your fear. I’m sharing the information on the best outdoor solar motion detector lights for another reason – namely safety. I have been writing a lot about the benefits of Aging in Place and the products that can help anyone age in place as they begin to see some changes and challenges cropping up. Outdoor Solar Motion Detector Lights are a product that will benefit anyone looking to age in place.

Why I Use Outdoor Solar Motion Detector Lights

I’ve been using outdoor solar motion detector lights around my house for many years. I don’t even really remember how many, but let’s say at least10 if not more. So I have had some time to search for the best outdoor solar motion detector lights.

I first got this type of lighting when my husband was heading out to work at 6am and he would turn the outside light on to go to his car. He would of course leave the light on and sometimes I would forget to turn it off.

Enter the motion detector lights – as soon as he walked out the door the lights came on, he got to his car safely and after he left the lights went off. Perfect! Not to mention how happy my checkbook was with the savings from using solar and I got to feel good about, well, you know, using solar!

On the other end of the spectrum, when I was getting home in the dark, the lights would detect motion as soon as I drove in and light my way to the front door so that I could walk safely into the house. The lights are bright and illuminate the brick walk so I don’t trip on any raised spots and I can tell if there are icy places and see the edge of the steps so I know where they are. All very helpful aspects as I trudge up the walk with mail and groceries.

Throughout the evening when the dogs go out the lights come on and I can do a quick check to see that no critters are out there waiting to “make friends” with my precious pups.

After trying a few different types of lights I have found what I believe to be the best option. I have been using the URPOWER Solar Lights for the last few years. I find they offer all the options I could want.

The Best Outdoor Solar Motion Detector Light

The URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor are the best lights I have used for many reasons including:

  • a unique wide-angled design with a three sided light bar. This design offers a wider range illumination with LED lights on each side providing extra illumination which is different from other lights on the market.
  • 3 different modes to choose from. Set your lights to stay on the Medium light setting so there is always dim lighting, Dim light sensor mode so you always have dim lighting and when motion is detected the light brightens to full light, or sensor mode where the light is off until motion is detected and then goes on at full brightness for a period of time and goes out if no additional motion is detected.
  • Bright solar power – these lights have 24 LED lights in the design which put off a very bright light.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery – lights up to 4-6 hours after being fully charged.
  • Weather resistant – these lights are waterproof and heatproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions including rain, sleet and snow.
  • Versatile – this light works great for front walkways, front doors, pathways, backyards, garage entries, decks, pool patios and more. Really anywhere you want some light.

Installation and Set Up

When the box arrives you will have received 4 solar sensor lights, 4 pillar hinges, 4 installation screws and a user manual. Place the solar panels in direct sunlight for 7-8 hours to fully charge before first use. South facing installation in full sun will provide the best results.

There are small tabs on the top of each light so you can insert a screw to hold the light onto the surface in the area you want to illuminate. If you don’t want to screw into your wall surface the light can easily be held in place by heavy-duty Velcro (not included).

Just remove the small plastic tab on the back of the light, select your preferred mode of lighting and then hang the light. You are all set

Technical Details

Item Weight: 2.15 pounds

Product Dimensions: 5 x 4.9 x 6.2 inches

Model: Solar lights outdoor

Batteries: 4 Lithium ion batteries, required (included)

Color: Cool White

Style: Modern

Material: ABS

Power Source: solar

Voltage: 3.7 volts

Wattage: 1.2 watts

Type of bulb: LED

Special Features: 3 way switch

Warranty: 1 year

Who Can Benefit From this Product?

Anyone who would like to light up an area outside of their home for safety or security. Although those are the main reasons you can also use these lights as accents for landscaping. They look nice and illuminate objects well.

Reasons people use these lights:

  • to make the walkway safer for going out to the car
  • to illuminate the yard for pets
  • to make it safer to walk to the garage or to take out the garbage
  • for lighting up the pool patio at night
  • lighting the back deck in the evening
  • illuminating landscape features
  • protecting their property

What I Like About This Product

The URPOWER Solar Motion Detector Lights have been beneficial for me in many ways. I like that they feel like a quality product and last a long time. They detect motion up to 16.5 feet at a 120 degree angle. The different modes for selecting how you want the light to work are great as well. I have some areas I want pitch dark until motion is detected and I have other areas I prefer to have a dim light until I walk into that area and then the bright light comes on.

The lights themselves are small and modern looking. They aren’t really noticeable since they are low profile and don’t really stick out from the wall by much.

The price makes it affordable to light all areas around your house without breaking the bank.

What I Don’t Like About this Product

It’s not often that I can’t come up with any cons for a product. This is one of those rare occasions. I like everything about this product. It exceeded my expectations and I have bought more these lights more than once (to light up additional areas). Each time the product arrives as advertised and works at described. Ah – here’s a little thing – I have a flag on the corner of my garage and once in a while when it is really windy the flag will set the light off repeatedly. Not really a big deal and certainly not a flaw with the light itself, more a placement issue on my part.

Final Thoughts

Just in case you are afraid of the dark, I can assure you that it is comforting knowing that if any person or critter wanders into your yard your motion detecting light will come on and expose them!

And for anyone experiencing issues with vision who is looking for some light to make it safer as they navigate out the front door these motion lights are a perfect way to increase the light and help you see the steps and walkway so you can stay safe. That is the ultimate goal of this post – to keep everyone safe and independent at home.

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor


Wide Angle


Long Lasting


Easy to Install



  • High quality
  • 3 modes
  • wide motion detection range


  • Sets off in wind

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