Best Large Button Cordless Telephone for Seniors

I’ve spent some time recently researching large button telephones that would be the best and easiest for use by seniors. I have taken into account features that many elderly people may need. In my research I found phones that incorporate many awesome features and I narrowed it down to a couple of phones that will make calling in and out much easier and pleasurable. If you are looking for a corded telephone you can read about my top rated corded large button telephone for seniors here. After writing that article a number of people asked me if I had a recommendation for a cordless option, so here is my choice for the best large button cordless telephone for seniors.

What is The Best Large Button Cordless Telephone for Seniors?

The Vtech SN5127 Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering System is a reliable product that will allow seniors to make and receive phone calls much easier. There are many reasons why using the telephone can become more challenging as we age and this phone addresses a number of them. While I think the corded phones have more features and benefits, there are also legitimate reasons for the need for a cordless phone and in that case the Vtech SN127 Amplified Cordless Phone is a great choice.

Large Button Cordless Telephone Features

  • Big Buttons – The number buttons are enlarged with dark print that contrasts against the white buttons.
  • Large Display – The large display area over the top of the buttons makes it easy to see who is calling.
  • 90dB ringer volume – This ringer is very loud to ensure that even people with moderate hearing loss will hear the ring.
  • Audio Assist – Increases the volume by up to 50dB temporarily, which enhances sound frequency making speech easier to hear conversations.
  • Photo Buttons – Four large, easily programmed photo buttons. Take your most frequently called numbers and put a photo on a button for one touch calling convenience. Program the photo buttons for friends, family members, a neighbor, your doctors office or even 911. You can use the one touch call on the handset as well.
  • Visual Ring Flashers – If the ring is difficult to hear then the flashers will certainly be seen. There is one on the top of the handset and one on the base.
  • Smart Call Blocking – Robocalls are automatically blocked, even on the first call. Up to 1,000 numbers can be permanently blacklisted as well, to eliminate the need to race to the phone only to find out it was a telemarketer!
  • Answering Machine – The answering machine can easily be set up by following the talking prompts. The answering machine includes 22 minutes of incoming messages and outgoing announcement. It also has a slow playback option and easy save, delete, skip or replay options. Messages can be listened to on the base or handset.

What Types of Conditions Might Require This Type of Phone?

Hearing Impairment

As with my Top Rated Corded Telephone option, this cordless phone has a 90dB ringer volume. This is an extra loud volume which will ensure that the ring will be heard wherever you are in the home.

If that super loud ring isn’t enough to get your attention, Vtech put two visual ringers on the phone. One is located at the top of the handset and the other on the front of the base unit.

When the call is picked up the volume goes to 50dB which is still amplified much more than a typical phone. This allows for easier understanding of speech at a normal volume. There is one touch volume control for ease of use. You can very simply change the level of the incoming voice to a higher or lower frequency best suited to your hearing ability.

Visual Impairment

The enlarged buttons make seeing the numbers easier. The numbers are also black on white to aid the visually impaired. And even better, you can utilize the photo buttons for the most frequently called numbers. You can also choose whether or not to have the numbers announced whenever the number keys are pressed so the dialer is certain they pushed the correct button.

Cognitive Impairments

The four photo buttons on this phone eliminate the need for remembering the most commonly called or most important phone numbers. Just look at the picture, press it and it calls. These buttons are large and easy to change out as needed.

Talking digits and a back lit display help decrease the potential for dialing the wrong number.

Dexterity Issues

The large keys are easier for people who don’t have good control with their hands or fingers. The one button dialing is also good for this. When your hands and finger don’t work well or hurt just pushing the buttons on the phone can be painful and the easier it is and the fewer buttons to push the better This phone also offers a speaker phone option to eliminate the need to hold onto the handset or hold it up to the ear which can be tiring and painful as well.

Additional Features

This phone includes many features in additions to those previously listed.

They include:

  • Power backup
  • Caller ID/call waiting
  • Table or wall mount option
  • Expandable up to 4 handsets with only one phone jack
  • Call screening, handset and base announce the name of who is calling
  • Remote access – dial in to your phone to get messages
  • Message time and date stamp
  • 50 name and number phone directory
  • Intercom between handsets
  • Any key answering
  • Mute button
  • Last 10 number redial
  • Trilingual prompts – English, Spanish or French

Vtech is a well-known company. I’ve used Vtech phones for years and have been very happy with how well they work, how well they hold up and my ability to integrate multiple phones throughout my house. They started out as Video Technology Limited back in 1976 in Hong Kong. Today they are considered one of the top 50 electronic manufacturing services providers globally.

In Conclusion

If you have difficulty making or receiving calls or if you worry about a loved on being able to stay in contact easily, this phone is a great way to solve that problem. It is easy to use for placing calls, whether it is for necessity to make an appointment or an emergency call or if it is for pleasure to reach out to family or friends. It is also easy to receive calls so your loved ones can stay in touch or so you don’t miss important reminders or follow ups for appointments.

The lightweight handset can easily be carried around or put into a walker basket so that you don’t have to rush to get to the phone, you can just keep it with you at all times.

The phone comes with one base unit, one handset with battery, one phone cord to connect base to jack. It has everything you need to get set up and communicating with ease. Check it out on Amazon here.

Let’s face it, we live in a world where we are used to being able to reach out and talk to our family and friends at all times. If you have ever had the experience of not being able to get a hold of someone then you know how frustrating and even scary that feels. This product can help ensure that your call is heard, the phone is within reach and easy to answer. It is well worth the peace of mind it will offer.

VTech Large Button Cordless Telephone

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large buttons


photo buttons





  • Easy to use
  • Loud ring
  • Photo buttons


  • only one option for hold music
  • Caller ID confuses some people

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