Top Rated Large Button Telephone for Seniors

If your parent is getting older and you can’t reach them because they can’t hear the phone ring then you probably spend a lot of time concerned about where they are, what’s going on with them and if they are safe. Our top rated large button telephone for seniors can give you the piece of mind you are looking for.

What is Our Top Rated Large Button Phone?

Serene Innovations HD-40P High Definition Amplified Photo Phone is a great product that will help you stay in contact with your aging parent even if they have a hard time hearing, seeing or comprehending.

What I like about this particular phone is that it combines so many features to ensure ease of use with multiple age related challenges.


Big Buttons – The number buttons are large with large easy to read numbers. The buttons themselves are dark gray against a light background making them stand out.

Photo Memory Buttons – Nine large, easy to set up memory buttons allow for one touch calling. They can be programmed to call family, a neighbor, the doctors’ office or even 911. They located at the top of the phone for ease of use.

Loud Ringer – The 90+dB ringer is super loud. The ring volume and tone can be adjusted easily.

Sound Amplification – Incoming sound is amplified up to 20 times making it the most powerful in its class.

Hearing Aid Compatibility – designed to output magnetic signal required so the telecoil can pick it up.

Visual Ring Flashers – Two ring flashers (one on the front and one on the side) ensure that if the ring can’t be heard it can be seen.

How This Phone Can Help With Different Challenges

Hard of Hearing?

This phone has a multitude of features that will improve your ability to use the phone. First of all the ringer is really loud. At 90+dB it is as loud as a power lawn mower according to a comparative noise levels chart from Industrial Noise Control. This means the ringer is very loud.

Even with a really loud ring, some folks with severe hearing loss still won’t hear it so people at Serene Innovations made this particular phone with two visual ringer lights. One light is located on the front and one on the side of the phone so it can be seen from different angles to alert someone of an incoming call.

Once the call is answered the incoming sound is also amplified to a level of up to 26dB. The tone setting can also be individualized with four tone settings. One setting amplifies low frequencies so lower pitched sounds can be easier to hear for people with low frequency hearing loss. The other tone settings are for middle frequencies and high frequencies. The standard setting amplifies all sound frequencies making every word and frequency full volume.

This phone is also hearing aid compatible meaning it is designed to have the correct output for a hearing aid to pick up the sound.

Visually Impaired?

The large buttons on this telephone along with the contrasting dark color of the buttons against the white telephone base make the buttons easy to distinguish. The size of the number on each button is also very large and with the number color being white it contrasts against the dark buttons.

The photo squares on the top part of the phone are approximately one inch by one inch making them easy to see as well.

Cognitively Impaired?

The photo buttons on this phone are helpful for those with mild cognitive impairment. If someone is unable to remember phone numbers or if they confuse the numbers the photo buttons are an easy one tap way to make a call. The photos can be inserted and changed out easily. You can use the buttons for family members, friends, neighbors, the doctors’ office or even a large 911 in one of the blocks for easy, one touch emergency calling.

Dexterity Issues?

Another great reason to have oversize number keys on the phone is for those people with crippling arthritis who just can’t push the small buttons on other phones.

And for some people with arthritis or other conditions that affect dexterity, pain is also a consideration and pushing just one photo button for frequently called numbers can be helpful.

Some Additional Features

In addition to the many features listed above this telephone is lightweight. Weighing in at only 2.65 pounds, it is a little heavier than some other phones. It is still easy for seniors to move around if needed but heavy enough to feel solid and not get pulled off the telephone stand.

The advanced digital sound processing technology and high definition sound gets rid of unwanted sound distortions and echos, as well as static sometimes associated with other amplified phones.

This telephone is completely powered by the telephone line. It does not require an AC adapter, so if the power goes out this telephone will still work.

Everything you need to operate the phone comes with it, including a phone base, the handset with a hook to hold it on the base, the phone cord for between the base and the handset and the telephone line cord to plug the phone into the jack, and a user manual.

The buttons are all on the top of the phone base making it easy to adjust the tone and volume and to amplifier.

In Conclusion

There are many products that will help you or a loved one remain safe and independent at home.  This phone is one of the easiest and least expensive products to start with.  Read about other easy to use and inexpensive products here.

This large button telephone for seniors was designed specifically for those with mild to moderate hearing loss and mild cognitive impairments. It is also useful for those with vision or dexterity issues. Staying in touch for socialization or for safety is a very important part of life as we age. This product eases the struggle to stay connected for whatever the reason.

Familiarity and routine help aging seniors live independently for as long as possible. Getting this phone in place sooner rather than later will allow your loved one (or you!) to get used to it making it that much easier to use when you really need it.

The price point of this product makes it well worth the cost to get piece of mind when you are concerned about someone you love or even if you are struggling yourself with making or receiving phone calls. We recommend the VTech large button phone for any home.

Large Button Telephone

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large buttons


photo buttons





  • Large buttons
  • photo buttons
  • visual ringers


  • light buzzing at highest amplification
  • no answering machine
  • only one option for hold music

8 thoughts on “Top Rated Large Button Telephone for Seniors”

  1. Wow, didn’t know that there are phones that can help seniors deal with aging problems. This is something I’ll very much need for my granny who is well old and has a slight blindness. Getting this phone for her will help her with its big buttons. I like all the features of the seneren innovation phone. I also acknowledge the fact that it is light weighted which means less work for the seniors. Great!

    • Hi Henderson,

      Thanks for your comments.  Sounds like this phone will work out perfectly for your granny.  Staying connected can become a bit more challenging for people as they age.  I hope this helps her reach out to friends, family and you more often!

      Take care,


  2. Wow! This would be an excellent gift to buy for my grandma. She’s in her late 80s and as such, she gas started to develop various old age sicknesses. I like this phone suggestion primarily because of the large buttons and the photo buttons. That is great and would definitely be of great help in gettingher on the phone. Thanks for this

    • Hi Tracy,

      I agree completely.  This phone makes a wonderful gift for an aging family member! 

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Great and informative guide and review about large button telephone for seniors. Looks good, photo buttons may be very useful for many elderly people. Also hearing aid compatibility is a nice and important feature as well. I will share this great post and website for some of my friends’ whose parents would have some use for this kind of product. Thanks for good and helpful content for every one of us who has elderly family members or friends. 
    Kind regards -Jesse

    • Thank you Jesse,

      I’m glad you found this information to be useful.  Please share away!  We love the opportunity to help anyone and everyone stay safe and independent as they age!

      Take care,


  4. Thank you for your detailed description of the Serene Innovations HD-40P. This phone looks like it might be the perfect option for my aging mother. She lives alone and is handicapped so I often worry for her safety.

    I just began researching various phone options and this one looks to be by far the most advanced with the most options I’ve seen to date. I especially like the low frequency sound amplifier feature. So many of the sound amplifier products do not include low frequency sounds. 

    We do not necessarily need the photo button feature at the current time but it is great to have none the less. It makes quick dialing super easy and it will put my mind at ease knowing my mom could reach me at the touch of a button if need be. Do you know if this phone comes with a cordless option? Thanks again!

    • Shan,

      Thank you for reading and commenting.  It sounds like this phone will be a great fit for your mom.  You might be surprised by how much she uses the photo buttons.  Most people call the same numbers frequently and this option makes it quick and easy.

      This particular phone does not have a cordless option.  Serene Innovations does have some cordless options.  Two of my favorites are the CL-30 Big-Button phone and the CL-60A.

      All the best to you and your mom!



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