Top Rated Weighted Blanket for the Elderly

Weighted blankets have become the next big thing in specialty bedding. It’s been all about the memory foam mattresses, contoured pillows, and Egyptian cotton sheets over the past few years and now weighted blankets are gaining in popularity.

We all know sleep is important and you probably know that many people tend to find it harder to sleep as they get older. Weighted blankets can change that. Read on to find out more about my top rated weighted blanket for the elderly and how it improves deep sleep and promotes a good nights sleep so you or your elderly loved one can sleep like a baby.

My Top Rated Weighted Blanket

The Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket is my top rated weighted blanket. You may have read my recent post on The Benefits of Weighted Blankets for the Elderly in which I explain how I have come to buy many weighted blankets recently. In short, after my purchases I bought a weighted blanket for myself, and after that I decided they are awesome and they make great gifts so I bought a few more! I want everyone I care about to experience the same great sleep I am getting.

I’ve purchased several brands, sizes and weights and it all comes down to my Top Rated Weighted Blanket for the Elderly, the Weighted Evolution Cooling Weighted Blanket. The Weighted Evolution belief is that sleep serves an important biological purpose for every living creature. Their mission is to provide you with the best, most calming experience to allow you the opportunity to get rest and relaxation with the world’s most eco-friendly blanket. They live up their mission and beliefs.

How weighted blankets work

Weighted blankets are exactly what you imagine – a heavy blanket filled with a material such as tiny glass beads. The idea is that laying under the blanket provides deep pressure to your body and has a calming effect on you. When you are under the blanket you have the feeling of being hugged. You get a secure feeling and the blanket helps keep you still so you don’t toss and turn.

The deep pressure from the weighted blanket releases serotonin and dopamine to your neurotransmitters making you feel more relaxed and calm. The serotonin converts to melatonin which is your body’s natural sleep hormone. This promotes a good nights sleep.

How to Use Your Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket

The weighted Evolution weighted blanket is designed to fit the top of your mattress with minimal to no overhang. This provides optimal effectiveness, keeping the weight on top of your body as you sleep. Some people do prefer to use a Weighted blanket as a lap cover while sitting or watching TV. They can be very comforting to snuggle up in while relaxing.

The amount of weight can be a personal preference, although there are guidelines to help you choose the ideal weight for your own body size. Studies have shown that 8-10% of your body weight is ideal for the most effective deep pressure stimulation. For help in choosing the right size blanket refer the chart below.

Description and Features of the Weighted Evolution Blanket

Weighted Evolution has put a lot of thought into engineering this product. I am impressed with the superior design they have come up with to ensure maximum comfort. The inner blanket is made up of 100% microfiber, the 4” diamond pockets keep the weight of the high test quality of micro-glass beads evenly distributed over the blanket, there are 12 cover loops to keep the cover securely in place. The following is a full list of the features this Blanket offers:

  • Removable/Washable Organic Blissful Bamboo Duvet – 95% bamboo/%5 Spandex – bamboo is naturally antibacterial which keeps you and your blanket odor free, it is also highly wicking allowing moisture to be pulled away from your body. Bamboo is also insulating and cooling, allowing you to stay warm when it is cool and cool and dry when it is hot. Additionally bamboo is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and very soft!
  • Multiple Sizes/Weights – This blanket has five options for size and weight. Recommended weight is 10% of your body weight. Choose from the 41” x 60”/8 lb. size up to 80” x 87”/25 lbs to ensure maximum body contouring that feels like a gentle hug.
  • Variety of Colors – The Weighted Evolution blanket comes in 5 color options for coordination with your personal decor.
  • 100% microfiber inner blanket double stitched with 4” diamond pockets to ensure the filling stays evenly distributed and does not bunch.
  • Micro-glass beads – the highest quality micro-fiber beads are used. They are so small they look like grains of sand and provide excellent quiet contouring and weight distribution.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – Give yourself a week to adjust to the feel of your weighted blanket. Call customer service if you have any questions or concerns. If you are unhappy with your purchase you will receive a full refund within 30 days.

Who Can Benefit From Using a Weighted Blanket

As I mentioned at the start of this post, many people find sleep to be more elusive as they get older. Sleep problems in the elderly are common. Some of the most common reasons why sleep is more challenging for the elderly are:

  • chronic health conditions
  • acute medical situations
  • pain
  • medications
  • anxiety
  • excessive daytime napping

In addition to the elderly, many other populations find the cocoon like feel of a weighted blanket to be comforting and calming. You can read more about the benefits of weighted blankets in another recent post from Elder-Edge.

What I like about the Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket

I had been thinking about getting a weighted blanket for a while and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Was it a good idea? Would it work for me? As an Occupational Therapy Assistant, I am familiar with Deep Pressure Stimulation and the benefits for certain people. I knew other people who were using and loving their weighted blankets (some that I had purchased for them!). So when I found the Weighted Evolution blanket I had already done enough research to know what I wanted and this blanket checked off everything on my check list.

I like that it has so many size, weight and color options, it is made with organic materials, it is quiet (very important to me), and it has small pockets to keep the weight evenly distributed.

What I don’t like about the product

There is one thing that I don’t like about the Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket – I have to share it with my husband, lol!! I may remedy that very soon, I think he has a birthday coming up!

In Conclusion

A variety of things may interfere with sleep in the elderly population. Among them are acute and chronic medical illnesses, medication effects, psychiatric disorders, primary sleep disorders, social changes, poor sleep habits and circadian rhythm changes. Sometimes well meaning loved ones or caregivers compound sleeping problems by offering poor choices, like additional medications.

The consequences of ongoing sleep issues can be detrimental to the ongoing health and well-being of an elderly person. Loss of sleep can be a contributing factor in falls and accidents which can lead to injury, a hospital stay or even the need for placement in an environment that offers more care such as assisted living or a nursing home.

If you are experiencing difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep through the night a weighted blanket can be just what you need. Of course consultation with your medical provider is advised if your lack of sleep is impacting your life.

If you have an older loved one or someone you care for who has trouble sleeping they certainly could also benefit from the calming, anxiety relieving “hug” of a weighted blanket. Using a weighted blanket could have them sleeping like a baby and that may even help them remain more active and independent.

As always, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

Sweet dreams!

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14 thoughts on “Top Rated Weighted Blanket for the Elderly”

  1. My grandpa is quite one guy that never sleeps so easily and I’m sure this blankets will help make him less anxious as I hear they are good for anxiety. I have personally never used one and hope to hear from him if these blankets will make any difference. He lives in a quite hot area so should I be worried about the heat and all that? Can I get a cooled one for a fair price?

    • Hi Donny,

      Actually the wicking nature of the bamboo duvet cover keeps you very cool in warmer weather.  It also helps keep you warm in cooler weather.  It is a great design and works well for all climates and for those who tend to get to warm in the night and those who tend to be cold at night.

      I highly recommend the blanket in the post.  I hope your grandpa enjoys it!


  2. hi heather,

    I really enjoyed reading your article on weighted blankets for the elderly. Its given me a great idea for a Christmas present for my Mother!

    You joke about getting a separate blanket for your husband, but can’t you just get a double? Please can you let me know the best place to buy one as I think I would like to try one for myself? Thanks in advance, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,

      Yes, I do have a double for the bed and it works great.  The issue comes when we each want one when we are sitting down to watch TV or read in the evening.  Another blanket purchase is in my very near future!

      I recommend the Weighted Evolution blanket from the post.  It is the only one I buy now that I have found it.  You can click the buy now button in the post to purchase one for yourself.



  3. Wow, I have to confess that this post really has educated me and taught me a lot about what goes on when we sleep, I never knew about the effects on the various hormones that various blankets or the weight of the blanket could have, at 57 I realise that I am getting old but I don’t yet consider myself as very old, but I do have a aunt who is old, she is in her 80s and she has said that she has trouble sleeping, she does use the internet, so I will forward this post to her, so she can see for herself, thank you for sharing.   

  4. I have to admit, I did not know that weighted blankets actually helped release serotonin and dopamine!  I found that fascinating bit of information.  I knew they worked, because I use to work at a hospital and we used them to help patients sleep better.  I never knew, though, that it released brain chemicals!  Is there a particular brand you would suggest?

    • Hi Jessie,

      The human body is pretty amazing isn’t it!  I recommend the Weighted Evolution Weighted Blanket.  You can Click the buy now button in the post to purchase one for yourself.



  5. Unfortunately I do not have any experience with weighted blankets, having read your most excellent review wish that I did,  As on who could classed as being of the slightly older generation think that they sound absolutely ideal and will be investigating them further.

    The chart was most useful and will be used should we decide to invest in a weighted blanket.

    • Hi Stuart,

      I’m so happy you found this info to be helpful.  The Weighted Evolution blanket reviewed in the post is highly recommended.  



  6. Thank you for providing more information on weighted blankets. Until very recently I didn’t know weighted blankets were a reality. One of my autistic son’s therapists recommended weighted products since the pressure is comforting to him and that is when I first began looking for them.

    In the past few days I have been wondering if these blankets would also benefit my mother. She is a paraplegic in a wheelchair; she only has movement of her arms and head. To help with circulation in her legs, she has to wear Ted stockings, which she claims are hugely uncomfortable. I am curious if the weighted factor of the blankets could replace the Ted stocking while she is in bed? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Shan,

      Thanks for your comments.  I hope your son gets some relief from his weighted products.  As for your mother, I’m sure she could benefit from the deep pressure of a weighted blanket, however the blanket would not replace her Ted stockings.  Ted stockings provide compression all around the leg to improve circulation.  The blanket provides just downward pressure.  Maybe her doctor could recommend a stocking that is a little less tight.

      Best Wishes!


  7. Thanks for alerting me about the weighted blanket for the elderly because I have my grand mum who finds it difficult to sleep due some chronic pain and other disturbances. And I have also liked its benefits for example making one more relaxed and calm and I would to purchase one for my grand mum so as to keep her relaxed  and to improve on her sleep. 

    • Hello,

      Thank you for commenting.  I’m confident that your grand mum will enjoy the comfort of a weighted blanket.  She is fortunate to have you helping her find ways to get better sleep!



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