The Best Electric Lift Chair for the Elderly

Best Electric Lift Chair for the Elderly | Stand With Ease

Are you looking for the best electric lift chair for the elderly? My top pick is revealed here.

There are a number of reasons people struggle to stand from a sitting position. Some of the most common are:

  • joint pain
  • knee/hip replacement
  • weak muscles
  • poor balance
  • shortness of breath

If you have ever watched someone you care for struggle to get up from the easy chair and maybe even had to rush to their aid and pull up on their arm, you know just how difficult and painful sitting to standing can be. They risk being injured and if you have to tug on them there is also risk for you to be injured.

That is why electric lift chairs are so useful. Imagine not having to worry about getting up safely – never having to rely on someone else to come to your aid when you want to get up. An electric lift chair can help maintain independence and dignity by allowing self-reliance.

If you worry about the safety of a family member who has difficulty standing from a chair then the peace of mind offered by them having a lift chair and knowing that your loved one isn’t going fall trying to get up or be stuck not able to get up is priceless. Click here to learn more about preventing falls in the elderly from a previous Elder-Edge post.

What Makes This the Best Electric Lift Chair?

The Mcombo Electric Lift Chair offers many features that make it an excellent easy to use power chair for the elderly.

Let’s talk about the fun features first.

  • Upholstery – The faux leather finish is high quality offering easy cleaning while still looking great and providing maximum comfort.
  • Color options – the chair comes in five colors (black, dark brown, light brown, cream and red) so it will fit into any decor.
  • Heating – this chair has a heating component in the waist area that can be set for a fixed duration of 10, 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Vibration – There are 8 vibrating nodes around the chair with 9 modes and 5 intensities. This can also be set for the same fixed duration of minutes. Heat and vibration functions work separately.
  • Cup Holders – two cup holders to make sure you never have a spill and are always staying hydrated.
  • USB charging ports – dual USB outlets to keep your phone or tablet charged and within reach at all times.
  • Side Pockets – pockets on the side of the chair to keep small items like the remote or your book close by.
  • Return Policy – 30 day return/replace policy.

And the practical features that make the Mcombo Electric Lift Chair exceptional:

  • TUV certified motor – that pushes the entire chair up quietly
  • Corded remote – Easy two push button remotes control the chair. Corded so it never gets lost.
  • Recliner – reclines to a comfortable 140 degrees.
  • Lift Mechanism – Counter-balanced lift mechanism for smooth operation
  • Strong frame construction – underseat structure is made of durable metal to support up to 320 pounds
  • Anti tip-back design – the base is designed to be anti-tip-back for increased safety
  • Warranty – 1 year warranty on the lift/reclining mechanism, frame and electronic parts.

Delivery Details and Specifications

The chair is delivered in 2 boxes weighing a total of 120 pounds. Some easy assembly required. The arms slide into the base, then the back is secured in place. It takes roughly 5 minutes and doesn’t require tools.

Product dimensions are 30.7 X 34.6 X41. The seat area is 17.7″wide x 20.5″ deep

Who Can Use The Mcombo Electric Lift Recliner Chair?

This chair is comfortable for anyone to use. It is designed to benefit people who have difficulty standing independently. The lift will raise the chair and you to a near standing position so you don’t experience the pain from trying to push to standing.  If you have weakness in your leg muscles you might fall back or fall down when getting out of regular chairs.  The lift feature of this chair helps so that you won’t fall while trying to get out of the chair.

The heating and massaging functions make this a great chair for people who have chronic pain or people who are often cold. Enjoy the warmth in the low back area and the 9 massage nodes throughout the back.

For people who spend a lot of time relaxing in their easy chair, the ease of positioning this chair will help them adjust position frequently to aid with circulation and prevent pressure areas from developing.




This three position recliner is completely controlled by the push button remote. It is easy to operate.

What I Like About This Lift Chair

After researching the hundreds of reclining lift chairs out there I found that this chair provides the most value. Check pricing here. The chair is very well-made and looks nice and has multiple color options to ensure it will fit into your or your loved ones living space and be an attractive and functional addition.

Mcombo has added many features that all together make this a convenient sitting spot for anyone, especially people who spend hours at a time in their easy chair. The following combination of benefits -having the flexibility to change positions at the touch of a button on the corded remote, the drink holders, pockets to keep items close by and USB ports to charge electronic devices, heat and massage to increase comfort- makes this chair a perfect cozy and safe spot to relax.

What I Don’t Like About This Chair

The shipping weight (understandably) is a little heavy so if you are having this sent to an elderly loved one and you can’t be there to help, they will need assistance to get the chair in place and assembled.

This chair does need at least 15.7″ clearance from the wall to recline.

In Conclusion

As we age certain things become challenging or impossible for us to accomplish without assistance. A majority of people want to age in place, meaning they want to stay in their home as they age. As loved ones and caregivers watching someone struggle to age in place as they face physical and mental changes, it can be difficult and even a little scary. We worry about safety and loss of independence.

Fortunately there are many products like the Mcombo Electric Lift Recliner to help us or our loved one remain at home safely. We can adapt our homes and surroundings to maintain independence and help us remain active and independent throughout the aging process.

Mcombo Electric Lift Recliner

Check Current Pricing

Value for Money




Easy to Assemble



  • Value
  • Comfort
  • Style


  • Some Assembly Required
  • 15" Wall Clearance

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