The Best Smartphone for Seniors 2019

In the world we live in today everyone has a use for technology and our seniors are no different. Yes they use their cell phones to stay in touch with family and friends by calling or texting – however they are using their cell phones for much more. Seniors today are watching shows and movies on their cell phones and taking pictures to share with loved ones. You may even be surprised to hear a senior you know taking advantage of a virtual assistant such as Siri.

The Best Smartphone for Seniors 2019 is the Jitterbug Smart2.

What Is Important in a Smartphone for Seniors?

The most important features in a smartphone for seniors are:

  • A big, bright and clear display area
  • Large navigation labels to tap
  • Loud volume/clear sound
  • Easy navigation menu
  • An Emergency call button
  • Durability
  • Long battery life

The Jitterbug Smart2 incorporates all of these features and more to help you or your elderly loved one stay connected and safe while not becoming frustrated by a high tech gadget.

This smartphone runs on service from Greatcall, which is part of the Verizon network and has full access across the United States. There are a couple of optional features that we will also discuss later.

The Jitterbug Smart2 is Senior Friendly

The size of the Jitterbug smart2 is 6″ x 0.3″ x 3″ with a screen size of 5.5″ diagonally. This allows for a large, bright and easy to read screen area. The Jitterbug does not use small icons that have to remembered, instead all navigation is in big words with clear fonts so the user knows exactly what menu item they are opening.

For seniors who aren’t connected to their cell phones constantly, it can be hard to remember to charge the phone. The Jitterbug has a great battery life. If a person uses the phone just for talking the battery life is 12 hours, if streaming video that time is a little less at 5 hours. If someone just keeps the phone with them on standby at all times in case they need it, the battery life is an incredible 17 days.

Another great feature is the voice dictation. Just talk into the phone instead of spending a bunch of time trying to type a message.

All Inclusive Features List

  • 5.5″ screen, diagonally
  • simple list based menu labels (phone, text, camera, email)
  • large, intuitive display
  • voice typing feature for simple testing
  • long life lithium battery
  • exclusive 5star medical alert app
  • some customizability
  • Affordable data plan
  • No annual contract required
  • lightweight
  • front facing speaker
  • 13MP camera with flash
  • 16GB of storage
  • Mobile Internet access and directions
  • 30 day money back guarantee

What’s Included

Right out of the box this phone takes only minutes to get set up. You can call the 100% US based customer service team to have your phone number transferred to your new Jitterbug Smart2.

Included you will find:

The Jitterbug Smart2 – in Black

Wall Charger – You can charge the smartphone by plugging it directly into the wall outlet (charging daily is recommended so that you can always stay connected).

USB cable – to connect your phone to the wall charger or any USB port

Helpful Resource Guides – User Guide and Quick-Start Guide.

Who Can Benefit From Using the Jitterbug Smart2?

Anyone can use the Jitterbug. It was however, specifically designed for seniors. It was designed to benefit people with vision issues, dexterity problems, hearing impairments, medical conditions and memory disorders.

Additional Features

Remember those additional options I mentioned earlier. Here they are – This phone incorporates the simple and exclusive 5star urgent response button that connects you instantly with an operator to get the help you need right when you need it. They stay on the line with you until they are confident you are safe.

How does 5star work? You push the call 5* button on the bottom right corner of the screen and you are connected immediately with an urgent response agent who confirms your location with the GPS system in the phone. That agent stays on the line with you until your situation is resolved. If necessary the agent can call for emergency services, get road side assistance, or contact your family.

Brain Games – Play fun and challenging brain games to stay sharp and focused and improve memory.

Urgent Care – Speak to a nurse or doctor in person 24/7. No appointment needed. You can even get prescriptions for commonly prescribed medications over the phone.

GreatCall Link App – Use GreatCall monitoring products and the Link app to stay informed about the health and safety of family members.

Product Replacement – with this option if your phone is lost, stolen or broken it will be replaced.

What I like about the Jitterbug Smart2

I really like that Greatcall has developed a phone with our elderly population in mind. As the Baby Boomers continue to reach retirement age they will continue to look for easy and cost effective ways to stay connected. Greatcall has designed a phone that incorporates the physical design that will most benefit our aging boomers and seniors who may be hard of hearing, have difficulty seeing or remembering, or have trouble moving their fingers nimbly. They have also incorporated apps and navigation that works well for this population who may not be the most tech savvy however still want to stay connected to friends and family.

Improvements for the Jitterbug Smart2?

The speaker system does not seem to go as loud as I would prefer. It is easy to hear and connect with blue tooth to the radio so it can be adjusted that way as well. I like the forward facing speaker – maybe an additional speaker would make me happier with the volume.

In Conclusion

Greatcall makes it easy for you or your aging loved one to stay active, mobile and independent while still being connected and having that safety net if needed. The peace of mind of knowing that if you or your loved one needs assistance it is there at the touch of a button is priceless.

Worrying because you can’t reach someone you care about is stressful and causes unnecessary anxiety. Use the Jitterbug Smart2 to relieve that stress and worry. In addition you just might enjoy the ability to connect more and share your day via texts and photos.

Jitterbug Smart2

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Ease of Use


Screen Size





  • Easy to Use
  • Good Camera
  • Voice Texting


  • Volume Could be Higher

4 thoughts on “The Best Smartphone for Seniors 2019”

  1. Never heard of this phone before but it seems interesting. The 17 day battery life looks is new, not sure any other phone can do that. It seems good value for you money in an age of $1000+ phones loaded with a lot of useless apps you will never use.  How does the urgent care work? free service or is there a fee. I thought that was very interesting. Nice article.

    • Hi Ronald,

      Thanks for comments.  It really is a great value.  The simplicity of it is perfect for older folks who may not be super tech savvy.  The 5star Urgent Response button functions with any of the service plans.  Basic service starts as low as $19.99 per month.

      Take Care,


  2. Wow, I have never heard of this before but what an amazing and beautiful concept! I have thought about ease of use for Seniors but never looked further than a simple flip phone for that type of use. I am so pleased so see someone designed something specifically for seniors and others who could benefit from similar features. I attempted to use the button “click here to buy now” and it sent me to Amazon, but did not take me to the direct link for the phone. I am interested to know the price?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Kara,

      Thank you for catching that.  I have fixed that link and you should be able to check the price at this time.  This is truly a great and simple to use product.

      Take Care,



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