The Best Automatic Pill Dispenser | LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser Review

It can be a scary thing when you or someone you care for takes to many doses of a medication. On the other side of that, it can be just as scary if that same person misses doses of certain medications.

That is why I am sharing with you what I have found to be The Best Automatic Pill Dispenser. The LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser will give you peace of mind that medications are being taken in the correct dosage and at the right time. You can rest easy when it comes to managing a complex medication schedule. No more worries about missed doses or overdoses.

Why do people have difficulty taking their medications?

A staggering 36% of elderly people regularly take 5 or more medications or supplements. That is a lot of medications to manage. According to Wikipedia, one recent study shows that one third of the participants were non compliant with mediation schedules and 25% admitted to missing doses or only taking partial doses.

You might ask – “Why does this happen?” And that is a great question. There are many different conditions that contribute to missed or inaccurate dosing, including:

Memory loss – If a person is experiencing memory loss due to Dementia or age related memory loss they may forget they have taken their medication so they take more, or they may forget to take any medications.

Vision Issues – Prescription bottles and over the counter drug labels can be difficult to read with perfect vision but if you add in a vision issue, medications can be confused or doses can be taken incorrectly.

Dexterity Issues – Pill bottles can be tough to open and some older folks will just skip that pill if they can’t get the bottle open. Or maybe the top pops off and the pills go all over the place causing a shortage of pills to be taken.

Mobility Issues – if it is challenging getting out of bed or the easy chair then doses may be missed all together

Lack of understanding – the way prescriptions are written is confusing at times and some people, even after doing their best to sort it out, will confuse the instructions and take incorrect doses of medication without meaning to.

How Can the LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser help?

The LIveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser supports independence at home. You won’t have to count pills or watch the clock. You can have peace of mind knowing that the next premeasured dose, and only that dose, will be available on schedule. No more missed or double doses. ┬áCheck pricing here.

Product Benefits

  • 28 dosage compartments, 1x per day dosage means 28 day set up, if you take 4 doses per day then it is set up for 7 days at a time.
  • Motorized Carousel
  • 6 dosage templates (interchangeable)to meet your specific medication schedule
  • Ability to have 6 alerts per day
  • Safety Latch, with manual key
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Sound and light alerts
  • Simple set up and programming

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 9.2 x 9.2 x 3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.9 pounds

What can happen if medications are not taken properly?

In the best case scenario, nothing happens. There are some supplements and vitamins that won’t really have any harmful effects if they are skipped or double dosed.

Unfortunately, in other circumstances there can be an adverse drug reaction that leads to serious injury, hospitalization or death. Each year in the US, more than 2 million people have a serious adverse drug reaction, and more the 100,000 of those people die. Adverse drug reactions are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. They rank 4th, with stroke being the leading cause of death according to HarvardEthics.

Getting started with the LIveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

When the dispenser arrives, you will get everything you needed get started immediately. The box includes the 7.9″ round by 3.9 inch high pill dispenser weighing 12 ounces empty. You will also receive 6 templates so you can choose the template to match the dispensing schedule you need. Also, included in the box will be the instruction booklet and the 4 AA batteries required for use.

The easy to understand instruction booklet will help you choose the correct template for the drug dispensing regimen you have (from 1-6 times per day). Then you put each dose in the correct dosage compartment. Each compartment holds up to 18 aspirin sized pills. All the controls are located on the dispenser face. Follow the instructions to set the clock, program alerts to the minute and select the volume and other settings. Smart technology will keep your settings even if the batteries fail.

Choose a solid white cover, clear cover or an opaque cover for different visibility. A latch feature allows the cover to be manually locked. Note that the cover can be pried open if someone were to try.

Once set up the unit buzzes and a red light blinks to alert of dosage times. There are 4 unique tones to accommodate different hearing difficulties such as difficulty hearing high or low tones. The Alerts will sound/flash for 30 minutes until the patient retrieves the pills. Each time the alert sounds the motorized carousel spins to expose the compartment containing one dose of medications.

Who is the product for?

This product is great for seniors and their caregivers. Eliminate the concern of missed or mixed up doses! Anyone who takes multiple medications at a variety of times can appreciate being able to depend on this dispenser to keep track of their pill schedule. No more watching the clock and waiting and worrying about medication times. Just set the dispenser up to your schedule using the included templates and take your medications when alerted.

What I like about the product

The LiveFine Automatice Pill Dispenser is easy to set up and use and it provides seniors the freedom to take their own meds allowing them some independence. It provides caregivers a sense of relief knowing that medications will be taken properly.

What I don’t like about the product

There are a few minor cons about this pill dispenser. If you are a caregiver for an elder who likes to pick at things this dispenser lid can be pried open. The tabs on the template do not always hold the template firmly in place and may require some tape to stay securely in place. Also, the latch sometimes appears to be latched however it isn’t so testing it a couple of times to ensure that it is secure is a good idea. The unit does need to be turned upside down (to retrieve the pills, stop the alarms and reset the timer for the next alert). Other than these little quirks I find this to be a really solid product.

In Summary

The LIveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser will keep drug doses locked away until the exact moment they need to be taken. Depending on the drug regimen the dispenser can be set up for up to 28 day use (for once a day doses). The timer and audible and visible alerts protect against mistaken or forgotten dosages while eliminating the need for constant refilling. This dispenser is ideal for seniors and their caregivers, offering peace of mind that meds are taken correctly and timely.


LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

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28 day dispensing


lockable latch


Sound and light alerts



  • 6 dispensing templates
  • Sound and light alerts
  • easy set up


  • Templates not sticky
  • Not tamper-proof
  • Latch is tricky

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